Styling white furniture for the bedroom of your dreams đź’¤

Implement these 5 tips to transform your space in no time! 

If you're looking for bedroom furniture that is both versatile and timeless (aka furniture you won't hate in two months time), white is the way to go. As a bonus, white furniture also reflects light and makes your room feel bigger. However, when it comes to this minimalist colour, there's a fine line between a soothing, uncluttered retreat and just plain boring. Here are a few of our favourite hacks to do white right.

Choose colours wisely to add warmth

What do we love most about white furniture? It creates a blank canvas which allows your stylistic creativity to go wild! White furniture can seemlessly cater to a myriad of styles and tastes from boho classic to glamorous sheikh. If comfy and inviting is the vibe you're going for, consider using warming colours to steer clear of the sterile look which can sometimes result from too much 'bright white'.

Accessorize your bed

This is where you can really go crazy. Piling on cushions and throws will instantly make your room feel more cozy and inviting. And the best part? If you're someone who gets bored of colours schemes easily, switching these out, or swapping cushions and throws from one room to another can be a budget friendly way to change up your look, or transition your space from a cosy winter den to a cool summer retreat.

Add bling with metallic accents

White furniture beautifully lends itself to the occasional pop of metallic without looking overdone. One of our favourite things about the Franz collection available with 4 trendy metallic handle colour options. But if your white furniture doesn't have this option, you can still add pops of metallic to your space with various accessories. Think bedside lamps, plant pots or even decorative books.